Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fast and Furious...Exodus

One hour we are walking on the beach with friends, having a great time, then stopped for a delicious lunch of flounder and shrimp.

At 3:00, we attended the staff meeting to find out we needed to leave...the refuge is being locked down because of the hurricane. We asked if it would be a problem to leave them for the remainder of our time there...they understood.

We left the meeting and packed up for our departure and were on the road about 5:30. It took us two hours just to get out of Charleston.
We drove 85 miles and needed to stop for the night as we were completely exhausted. Our first overnight at a roadside park!!!
This park was just north of Savannah, Georgia.

We were dreading the traffic around Savannah. It was not bad.

We cut down from Georgia to Tallahassee, Florida, and finally were able to relax.

In Florida, while in construction area, we were bumped...did not even know it until a fellow traveler passed us pointing to the side of our rv. 

When we stopped at the rest area in Alabama, this is what we found!!!

Could have been a lot worse. There are a few black lines further down past this area too.

Alabama has overnight security at their rest areas and this is where we spent our second night.

Quickly, we found ourselves in Mississippi.

 We stopped for fuel and noticed the Cracker Barrel was right around the corner...time for breakfast.  We needed that!!!

Full tank of diesel and full tummies, things were going good as we entered Louisiana.

Another passerby passed us pointing. We pulled over on this busy I 10, to find we had had a blow out!!!

Now Goodyear wants to see how much tread is left for us to get anything back. There is no tread. Now a lot of red tape...we shall see.

This could have been a lot worse. It caused only minor damage...a little dent in the underside of the fender.

Strange thing, as I was sitting in the truck waiting for the guys to change the tire, I noticed all the tire debris in this area...AMAZING. As a matter of fact, there was a truck pulled over in front of us with the same problem.

Makes one wonder doesn't it?

Our roadside service did not keep us waiting too long, that was a comfort and the guy did a great, quick job changing the tire.

After 2 nights, 781 miles, terrible traffic, bump, and blow out, we are now peacefully at our home here in Lacombe, Louisiana for our 4th year.

We were talking about how great this place is...we think it is the nicest overall by far!!!

Until next time...


  1. Sounds like a rough trip. Glad that you made it safely and had somewhere to go!

  2. So glad you are safely out of the Matthew! Hope Goodyear makes good on the tire. You are safe and not too damaged from all that. Hope the coming week is better.

  3. Wow what a trip! so glad you made it safely to LaCombe. We are planning on going through Louisiana on our way to Florida. will have to keep an eye on our tires!!!

  4. glad you had a wonderful trip and enjoyed your time with each other on lovely places

  5. We have been fortunate and never had any "tire woes". Glad the damage was at a minimum. Do you still get to enjoy the whole place on Sunday's with closed gates? That was always a great perk we thought!

  6. What an ordeal. Glad you are settled for now.

  7. WoooHooo... what a trip! Glad you made it there safely despite so many obstacles. Glad you're at a place you like so much... sounds like you've found a happy home ;-)