Saturday, May 28, 2016

Second Work Week

We can't seem to transfer pictures from our Galaxy S6 to our windows 10 computer now that Wallace did an update?????

These pictures will be taken from the phone onto our Fuji camera in the meantime...

Our summer will be spent in Wisconsin near the little town of Mayville at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.

This is our second full week of work.

On Fridays, we clean bathrooms on the auto tour (3 miles). I said I would never clean bathrooms, but it really is not that hard to do.

The little circle at the top is the "Ternpike Auto Tour."  The rest is a map of the whole marsh, with the upper portion managed by us and the lower portion is run by the state. The Rock River runs through the refuge.

There is also a 34 mile bike path that runs on the west side of the refuge...just a portion of the path. It actually starts in Fond du Lac and ends south of here.

We have been spending time in the shop, cleaning, sweeping and organizing.

By the looks of the sawdust accumulation, it looks like it has been awhile since that was emptied.

The shop vac took care of that!!!

I got it all swept out so we could work on the floating platform that will attach to a deck.

We built the base, then Mike, our supervisor, put on a few of the floats to give us a pattern.

The rest of the floats you can see in front of the airboat to the right.

We got them all attached and Mike hauled it outside so we could turn it over.

He checked our work and was delighted, not a single screw was missing. In the past when it was turned, some of the floats fell off!!!

Mike was on the left in the backhoe and that is me in the skid loader.

We gotter done!!! It did not fall apart and no damage. He was very good with directions on how to do it. He was one happy dude. He caught it on the other side and lowered it down and centered it. Next I drove it in the shop with the loader...much like a barge. Next week, we will be putting on the top boards.

Mike had this old sink cabinet he wanted us to make a rolling tool cabinet out of it. We removed the sink and backsplash and applied some casters at the bottom.

It is impossible for Wallace to get into tight spots...this is where I come into the picture.

We removed the backsplash by cutting the laminate and knocking it off.

These projects are a work in progress. The finished work will come at a later date.

Until next time...


  1. Looks like they are keeping you guys busy! How's your weather? Cooler than here I expect. Are you anywhere close to Wisconsin Dells?

    1. The weather is great. Wisconsin Dells is not too far away for a day trip.

  2. Isn't it great to have "real" work to do? I bet you two are just thriving at this place!

  3. We cleaned bathrooms in the first few volunteer positions we filled. I found it rewarding--if they are clean people are really grateful. It helps if they see you doing the work.

    1. There are only two flush toilets, the rest are pit toilets. Mainly just sanitize...everything that is touched!!! It is rewarding.

  4. Looks like an interesting place. They sure are keeping you busy. I never could transfer pictures to computer from phone. I just text or email then to myself. Kind of a pain.