Monday, March 14, 2016

Catching Up

It has been a while since I last posted so I thought about what we have done to catch up on our happenings.

A view from the chapel where we twice had to go because of tornado threats. Had a nice storm but no tornados for us.

A little bit of trimming on the beautiful grounds here at Bayou Lacombe where we are located.

The before and after.

The finished look at the fire extinguisher box where we added a door, painted, and added the hardware. Now we have been asked to do another one.

Diane asked if I would help at the Expo in New Orleans at the Superdome.

Here we are setting up. Lots of kids today.

On our weekly brochure run which involves a 200 mile drive to several refuges in the complex, we discovered this. High water which covered the boardwalks we have been working on!!!

The boardwalks could not be blown off today!

In our travels, we have noticed this. Boundary signs on trees. Who would do that?

Now we are taking care of signs.

There are 5 of these signs on trees on Holmes Bayou. They should not be on trees or telephone poles. So we are taking care of this.

Another area called wayside at Bayou Sauvage, the posts are leaning, bent, covered with vines, etc. We have started on that also.

Even going so far as to clean up some of them.

Looks so much better...probably not even noticed by most folks.

I like this shot.

Another thing I noticed was how dirty the brochure holders were.

It is time to get out the windex.

I really like seeing the before and afters.

These were not as dirty as some of them...a lot of mold.

We not only have camellias to enjoy, but the magnolias are blooming along with the different colors of azaleas.

The place is just gorgeous!!!

Some more vandalism at Bayou Sauvage. We brought the sign in and will start working on repairing it this week.

Another of the things we have to be watchful of are fire ants.

While banging in posts to hang signs, Wallace stepped into a bed of fire ants!!!

At least he got them early enough before having to drop his pants!!!

All part of this wonderful adventure.

Until next time...


  1. I am one who notices whether signs are taken care of or not. Good job!

  2. I've done the "Fire Ant Pants Drop" a few times!! Little buggers...

    All of your clean-up/fix-up work looks great. It's amazing how a little TLC spruces things up.

  3. I, too, notice signs.... and brochure boxes and the like. Y'all sure have been busy! Lookin' good!

  4. Fire ants are bad. Glad he caught them early. It is really good you didn't get caught in a tornado.

  5. I'm going to be staying with a friend in Louisiana next winter and hope to work at the Refuge complex. Interesting to read your stories. Thanks for posting.