Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Painting, Painting, & More Painting

Our days have been filled with paint jobs.

This is one of four  places we need to paint for handicap parking on the refuge.

We had to clean the surface the best we could. The template they had for us to use did not fit so I just did it freehand.

We ran out of painters tape, so we just pulled up and reused what we had...bummer.

I really thought the blue should have been darker, but this is what they had and the can said handicap blue.

We now have three rolls of painters tape for the next three places.

 Now we need to paint this fire extinguisher box. The door fell off. We need to make a new door...not enough time today...another volunteer cut out  the door leaving an opening for the plexi-glass to be placed inside.

We finished up on that project today. Will have to show the finished shot later.

Wallace is doing the prep work here, removing the loose paint on the fountain before we paint it. fill it with water and turn on the pump. But wait, can I paint that green turtle gray? I think it is distracting.

Got the okay today.

We will be putting in a solar panel just for the fountain.

Wallace is now painting one of two airboats that need the non skid paint. He did a great job with that messy stuff. Now they want him to paint another one.

We are now through with the paint jobs.

We have a lot more to share with all our goings on. I am just hoping I can keep my patience with this new Windows 10.

Until next time...



  1. WooooHoooo! You two have been BUSY! I used to say that I didn't like to paint, but since that's what generally needs done at refuges, I've actually come to like doing it.. and I have the paint-spattered clothes to attest to that. Again... what a terrific job you two do!

    1. You are so kind!!! Thanks. Just heard from Maurry wanting us back at Moosehorn.

  2. You guys sure keep busy! The fountain looks great! Been wondering about you two and all of the stormy weather it looks like you have been having.

    1. We had to go to the VC twice...once because of a warning of a tornado!!! Yikes!!! It was scary.