Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chanute to Summit

This stop was not planned, but turned out great.  Chanute is where we bought our new 5th wheel three years ago.  Nuwa has turned into

They are not making Hitchhikers, but seem to be pushing Mobile Suites now.  They still have a service department where they will work on your rv.

There is a nice city park close by where we have stayed in the past. Your site is free for two nights, then ten dollars after that...water and electricity...not bad.

The lake is nearby...a nice little walk...with a bridge to cross. Prom night with lots of teens getting their picture taken. The lake was enlarged for the steam engine in 1911 as a water source, and later was turned over to the city along with the adjacent land and the 762 Steam Engine.

There isn't much to do in the little town except relax, and we needed that. I had been sick with allergies for a week before we left Texas. Chanute was a busy place when the railroad was active. There is a nice depot where the "Harvey Girls" were employed by none other than Fred Harvey, who started the first restaurant chain known as the Harvey House. He also owned hotels near the station for traveling guests in the Western U.S. He is responsible for the "blue plate special," where lunches were served on blue patterned China plates. The Harvey girls were female, white, single, well mannered, educated, between the ages of 18 to 30, and made $17.50 a month with room and board and gratuities.

Out our window, we were entertained by high school girls and boys teams playing softball. Some were quite good!!!

After nine days, we left with threats of hail and tornadoes. We got out of Dodge!!!

We stopped at a Walmart in Sioux City, Iowa. Easy to find, easy to get into, and had a very pleasant night.

We love our new truck, that with less traffic has made this trip the best ever!!!

We got on I 29 at Kansas City. We are now in Summit, S.D. at this quiet little town in a Passport America park with 260 more miles to get to our summer home at Sully's Hill National Game Preserve near Devils Lake, North Dakota.

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  1. That's the campground in Summit that I always stay at on my way to and from Tamarac NWR. Hope you don't get the high winds I usually do when there.

  2. Sounds like you're having a great drive north. Even missing the bad weather! We volunteered once at the J Clark Salyer NWR, which I think was fairly close to Devil's Lake.... I loved seeing the flax and canola fields in bloom. Gorgeous!

  3. So did you end up skipping Nebraska City?? It sounds like you were moving pretty quick through that region!

    1. Decided not to stop in Nebraska City...just wanted to get out of the stormy area!!!

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  5. Your post brought back good memories of staying in Chanute and picking up our new Mobile Suites there. Glad they are still servicing your Hitchiker.

    1. We did not have our rig serviced this time, but they still service...