Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Little Remodeling

We are in the process of remodeling the Biology lab.

These are the plans.

In the following shots, you will see us knocking out walls, etc.

This is the before shot. There are many small rooms. We are opening this area up.

It is all falling in to place and looks great already.

We have been working on it for two weeks now.

There are many cabinets loaded with a lot of things.

Some of the top cabinets have been removed and this wall is taken out first.

I have the drill and I'm climbing in and out of cabinets that have been screwed into place.  Some of the ceiling tiles have been removed so Darrell, maintenance man can do the wiring.

Screws are out and Jenny and I are moving the cabinets for George to install in the break room.

We take everything out of the cabinets to make them lighter, which makes them easier to move.

Next comes the destruction!!!  

Making sure there are no electric wires before we start tearing down this wall.

Wallace is using the circular saw after a straight edge has been chalked on the wall.

George and Jenny have helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity.  

Aha, we broke through.

Three more to go.

Already it looks more roomy, and with the extra lighting that will be installed, it will be great.

Now I'm off to the dumpster with a load of trash.

The guys follow behind making sure nothing falls off.

And nothing did.

Now I know I said this blog would be about our benches. They are finished!!!  The weather has not been conducive to place them out, so I promise...the next blog will be about the benches.  I will say, everybody is pleased with them!!!

Until next time...


  1. You two amaze me. And I'll bet the refuge is delighted to have you there.

  2. Next time you'll probably post a photo of you wielding a sledge hammer... knocking out a wall... with drywall dust flying everywhere! I can hardly wait ;-)

    1. We are now pretty much through with the dust flying!!!

    2. Looking good!
      That ORV looks like a lot of fun to drive.