Saturday, December 6, 2014

Road Trip

We were ready for a road trip...that includes a stop at Whataburger!

We have not had one in over a year!  It was past time for this treat.

We had one for was on our way.  Oh, so gooood.

We had to drive to Biloxi to find it.

On the way, we passed this lighthouse in Pascagoula. No time to visit as this is going to be a long trip.

Pascagoula is a town Jimmy Buffet sings about.

For those of you who know us, we like Jimmy Buffet and his tunes.

We drive though this tunnel...we are now in Mobile, Alabama.

Next is this long causeway.

We pass the USS Alabama Battleship.

Can you tell where we are headed?  It is time to walk on a beach. We have not seen a sand beach in over a year!!! I collect shells!!!

And, yes, there is a refuge...Bon Secour. We stop for a little visit, sign in and get our passbook stamped.

Our only companion...a Great Blue Heron.

This is the little beach mouse they are protecting.

This is another reason for our see what this state park is like. We have heard so much about it. There are tennis courts (which I would like) and a swimming pool. These are pictured in the background. There are volley ball areas!!! Looks like a fun park. Maybe someday!!!

And our last stop..LuLus (Lucy Buffet) Jimmy Buffets crazy sista.

Her restaurant is in Gulf Shores...I snapped this picture of it from the bridge. Right on the water...

This is a fun place to stop and have would have been more fun in the evening though. A live band performs. 

It's been a year since I have had Gulf shrimp!!! Wallace had a cheeseburger in paradise!!!(a Jimmy Buffet song we like). And of course you get to listen to some of his tunes while you dine.

So, we had many reasons for this road trip.  All good reasons!!!

Until next time...


  1. That shrimp plate looks good!!
    We've been eating Mexican food about 3 times a week to make up for last summer when we couldn't find any decent Mexican food in Idaho.
    Looks like you had a fun trip.

  2. Sounds like a really fun trip. And the weather looked like it was perfect.

  3. Are you going to stop at the valley on your way to Atwater? Would love to see you. We are on site 10 in Marinoff. Might not recognize us we have a new rig. Virginia

    1. We will be in the valley the week of the 14th...have to get those grandkid hugs. We will try to get over that way...just depends. Also it is time for some GOOD Mexican food...only in the valley!!!

  4. will be heading east again this spring and looking forward to the gulf shrimp as well...

  5. Sounds like y'all headin' for Texas for Christmas? We're not much for Whataburgers, but, boy! those shrimp sure look good!!!!

  6. The shrimp plate was perfect...I highly recommend LuLu's...Fun and great food. The tartar sauce was the best I have had anywhere.