Monday, November 3, 2014

What Have We Been Up To?

Diane asked if I would like to help with an EE (environment education) class.

We had over 60 children, and it was fun.

It is so great to get kids OUT to explore.

We have a wonderful area at Big Branch to have this sort of thing presented.

My station was with biology as I helped the group explore what is in the bayou.

There were two other stations:  forestry and fire.

They caught some interesting things:  a water scorpion, a dragonfly nymph, grass shrimp, crawfish, minnows, tadpoles, mosquito fish, water spiders, water beetles.  They determined the water quality is very good.  They would sweep the water with a dip net, then empty it into a container.  We gathered afterwards to discuss their findings with interesting adaptations about each thing in their container.

The next day, a trip to Bayou Sauvage.

Uh oh....this needs attention.

We replaced this board, and found more that need to be replaced.

This boardwalk is at Ridge Trail. Another EE area for classrooms.

We replaced a lot of boards here last year, and noticed there are more to fix.

Here is another boardwalk...Joe Madere, still at Bayou Sauvage where we are loaded up with 32 boards that Wallace cut the day before.  We have all the tools:  two drills, sledge hammer, hammer, screws, bits, (there are always different screws used!!!!), tool bar, wheel barrow, saws will see.

We have a pretty good system going, and we are consistent using the same screws.

Wallace does the hard part and I use the drill, fetch supplies etc.

We had some visitors come by and thanked us, saying how good it looks.  We thank them.

This is what the back end of the pick up looked like when we were finished.

Of course, while we were there, we replaced a sign, picked up trash and tidied up.

There are three boardwalks, and they all need attention.

We will be here for some time. AND what a beautiful area to work at.

Then there is voting to be done and mailed back.

Here Wallace is measuring acrylic to be replaced over a few signs.

This year, we have had two burned vehicles abandoned in the parking lots...they were finally towed away.  In one of the pictures, you will notice one of them in the background.  What an eyesore for awhile!!!

I think that about covers it.

Until next time...


  1. Great job! Aren't their outdoor lessons great! I got to help with those a few years ago too! Tell Diane Earn and I said "hi"! Turned out that her Mom lives In Ia. City Ia. which is only about an hour and a half away from where we live! She was lots of fun!

    1. I enjoy working with Diane. We ate at the Triple Nickel afterwards...YUM. Thanks for staying tuned in.

  2. Looks like you are keeping busy. We are back working for LRGV again.

    1. Well hello!!! We are keeping busy and we really like it here. Enjoy LRGV.

  3. What do you prefer doing--biology with the kids or screwing in the boards? Or is it the variety that makes the job good?

  4. Seems early in the year for school field trips but we've been seeing them around Boerne too.
    Looks like you're having some nice, sunny weather.