Thursday, October 2, 2014

Went Right to Work

Our first assignment was to take fellow volunteers on the brochure run and show them the ropes.

We are pictured here picking up new trash grabbers.  We need those as we make our rounds, not only filling brochure racks, but we pick up trash as we go.

Uh oh, we had to call in the big guns for this mess...those grabbers can't take care of THAT!!!

This is our start at the Big Branch Marsh area.

Well, it looks like we need another camera to catch these litterbugs.

So we continue on our route to another refuge...Bayou Savage.

And this is what we find there!

Again, we reported this find and others will have to take care of this.

The trash can was overflowing in this area.

We ended up with a whole truck load of trash by the end of the day, I wish I had gotten a picture.

Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge is made up of eight properties including the 110 acres where we are parked and call home...Bayou Lacombe Center.  This property was once privately owned and then known as "Bayou Gardens."  A wide variety of camellias, azaleas, and other flowering trees and shrubs were planted.

It was also a Catholic High School in the fifties, and later a seminary retreat center for the church.

This property is also where the visitor center is located not too far from where we are parked.

This Great Blue Heron posed for us

and we came upon this Box Turtle by the side of the road.  This is one of my favorite turtles...I love the way he can totally close up for protection.  The plastron told me he was a male, and one of the biggest ones I have found.  After the photo, I placed him down the way he was traveling...and said live on!!! 

Until next time...


  1. We have visited there and loved the gardens.... looks like y'all got off to a running start... but too bad that there's so much trash and litter.

  2. glad you guys had a safe trip! Seems like the trash is never ending! It's terrible down in Key Deer also. Looking forward to watching for your posts. Say hello to Diane for me if she is still there!

  3. What a mess! Looks like y'all hit the ground running. We bought our own pickers when we were at Inks Lake. Saves time not having to hunt for the park's.