Saturday, September 27, 2014

Up the Hill and Around the Curve

as we make our way to work each week.  This is our last week to spend at Moosehorn for the season.  We have been busy routing signs, painting the edges and installing them.  Bill brought in some mums for the four planters and I got them planted as one of the last things to do.

We also re-installed a couple of counters. Hopefully these will work right and get an accurate count.  This one was reading 100%...that's great. Now to keep the spider webs out!!!

Well, this finishes up our last week of to get things ready for travel.

Next, up on the roof I go, hoping I don't have an accident.

Somebody has to do it...I'd rather it be me.

Wallace gets to do the rest while I am busy inside.

We had a pizza party, and Bill asked me what my favorite memories were...oh, there are so many!!!

We had a great time, sharing funny things while we ate.

Our spot is now empty.

Any what a lovely spot indeed.

We turned in our keys.

We said our goodbyes.

Here we are in Woodstock, Virginia at a Wal-mart for the night.  We were the only ones until THIS pulled in beside us. Did you notice, it is a Prevost.

We stopped here to visit some friends who are camp hosting at Big Meadows...Lunda and Mel. We had a great visit with them.

We are now at a Corps of Engineers campground in Demopolis, 31.

We are recuperating from our time on the road from Maine (all one nighters).

We move on to Louisiana Monday for our three month stint at Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge...same place as last year at this time.

BUT, we took a little side trip yesterday and will share that maybe tomorrow...stay tuned.

Until next time...


  1. Those one nighters in between assignments sure can wear a body out. Enjoy your time off.

  2. We left that very same space empty in 2003... and as good as the memories can be, the places out there waiting for us beckon. Looks like you've got a lot lined up and you're ready for it all.