Friday, June 20, 2014

Fishing Derby 2014

The day started out wet and foggy when 6 staff, 3 volunteers and 2 students met at 8:00 am to caravan to Cobscook Bay State Park where we hold the event. 

Although it is a state park, the land is owned by the refuge...the state just "rents" it.

Wallace and I were given a $500.00 gift certificate to purchase all the food and drink...we planned on 120 people. The friends group did not participate this year, and I might add, we did just fine without them!!!

70 children registered to fish, add parents and grandparents which makes a good crowd. 

The pond was high with water this year, so the kids had to fight the grass.

After rules were given and the fog horn sounded, they cast out and within 5 minutes we had our first fish on.

The kids are real excited and come early to get their favorite spot.

There were some BIG trout this year. This one was almost a pound. The little boy was fun to watch, and he was not afraid to touch the fish.

Wallace grilled the "red" wieners (a Maine thing), chips and cookies are laid out on the table with soft drinks on ice.

People start eating early, and we had plenty for them to eat!!! 

The two Mikes also took turns on the grill.

Maury, biologist, has served for 40 years. He is in charge of weighing the fish. Each child can catch their limit and then they are weighed to determine the winner in each age category.

Maury was recently presented an award for his service to fish and wildlife.

We not only feed everyone, the pond is stocked with the fish and we even supply the earthworms and poles.

Here we are doling out 6 worms per child.

Time is up...people have been fed...prizes are given out as we yell out..."hot dogs, get your hot dogs here".

We had food and drink leftover...we plan on having another picnic on moving day!!!

The fishing derby was a huge success, with everyone pitching in and helping out.

Until next time...


  1. You two sure are an asset to US Fish and Wildlife. What are red hot dogs?

    1. They are dyed red!!! Thank you for your sweet comments.

  2. I'm surprised there isn't a fishing derby here at Tamarac, as many refuges seem to have them. Looks like your weather was about the same as the derby that Odd Essay worked.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love them... looks like you do too!

  4. great job! looks like ya all had a lot of fun.

  5. I remember those bright red "Devil Dogs" from our time up in northern Maine. They tasted just like regular hot dogs, but they sure were red!!