Friday, October 11, 2013

The Crescent City

New Orleans is called the "Crescent City" because of its location  in the bend of the Mississippi.

The Welcome Center was at our exit on Lafayette, so we decided to stop for information.  We then drove down Toulousse  to the parking lot.

From there, everything is really in walking distance.

Our volunteer friends, Mollie and Larry joined us for our outing.  Larry drove, and we had no trouble getting around.

A walk down Rue Bourbon is a must...but doing it in the day light is so much better.  

That is a red light and it was on.  Hum, does this mean something.  Are we in the red light district?

This place was getting ready for Halloween.  Notice the skulls on the balcony.

Then there was Jackson Square. That is Jackson astride his horse with the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral in the background.

We have all heard of the Battle of New Orleans where the British were defeated in the greatest American land victory of the war.

Yep, there I am biting into a beignet, Louisiana's state donut. Cafe Du Monde is close by, and yes, they are busy.  It did not take long to be waited on.  Boy, are they delicious.  They have been serving these treats since 1860 at the same place in the French Market...and that is the next place we go.

Looking for a mask for my granddaughter, Lindsey.  How does this one look?  Think she will like it?  Oh, look at this hat, that one is pretty cute.

Meet Mollie and we are taking our walk on the River Walk...much longer than San Antonio's.  Behind us is one of the paddlewheelers that will take you on a cruise of the river.  We opted for the free ferry ride across the mighty Mississippi River.

This is Canal Street.  We liked the palm trees that lined the street.

We really enjoyed our whirlwind trip to the "Big Easy" and want to return.

The architecture is eye candy.

Oh, we have so many more pictures, but we will stop with this last one of the skyline from the ferry.  Thanks John for the tip about the ferry!!!  

Until next time...


  1. Carolyn, if you guys go back to NO make sure you go visit some of the cereteries. Very interesting also.

    1. Yes, that was on my list...we just ran out of time. Thanks...keep me informed.

  2. I've been to New Orleans... Bill's been to New Orleans... but we've never been there together. Your post today makes me kinda want to take that trip again.... by the way... don't you think beignets are a lot like sopapillas... only with powder sugar?

    1. Sopapillas are hollow inside, that's the difference. I kinda think they are more like funnel cakes. We always filled the holes in sopapillas with honey. YUM.

  3. love NO.. so much to see and do there and easy to walk around.

  4. Great trip....must go back soon.