Monday, June 10, 2013


The five flower pots I planted are filling in and looking better now.  In the past, we bought one big hanging basket plant at $60.00 for each planter.  This year we did not have the money for that.  I cleaned out our donation box which to everyone's surprise had $95.00 in it...aha...we have money for flowers!!!  These were more fun to plant and look pretty darn good.

We had another meeting  for which we cleaned and arranged the YCC building once again.  Alewives are being released  back into the St. Croix River, some-thing people have been wanting for some time.

A big tear in one of the seats in the fifteen passenger van needed repairing.  The tear was made with a saw by a careless YCC kid last summer and the stitching was pulling out.

The van had a dead battery and would not start, so, I started out trying to sew in a dark garage without my GLASSES.  Wallace to the rescue.  We could not find the battery at happens to be underneath the vans sliding door!!!  
 This is what it looked like half-way through the job.  Now in the light with my EYES, I was able to sew it up to my satisfaction.  I hope this summer the kids will be a little more responsible.  We have six of them coming soon.

Below are the two YCC cabinets I said I would show you when we got through putting them together.

On the left is one of my favorite gift shops to visit.  Can you see why?  We left with a pound of fudge, cheesecake swirl and maple nut.  I surely did not need that, but then, what the heck.  I'll diet tomorrow.  HA!

We really went there to buy an ornament for our little Christmas tree...thank you Karen for getting me started on THAT.  We have just started buying ornaments that remind us of the state or place we have worked or visited.

We now have Texas, Maine and Tennessee so far.

Wallace just had to have this cap.

I told you about Bill Kolodnicki getting married.  He is the project leader and our supervisor here at Moosehorn NWR.

They are a beautiful couple.  We wish them the best!!!

A drive on the refuge produced these sightings...

Do you see the Snapping Turtle?

A Green Heron.

And a moose...just for you Judy Bell!!!  You ask, we produce.

Our first Pitcher Plant for the season.

Until next time...


  1. Hopefully my "comments" will work this time. You did a great job on that planter... looks lovely! Ah, come'on Carolyn... give Judy a big bull moose.... you'll see him somewhere. We're down in your neck of the woods tonight... stopped in at Santa Ana this afternoon. Sure is different during the summer, isn't it? Give Bill and his new bride our best wishes... loved the photo. I'm already missing Aroostook.... I'll have to live in Maine through your blogs this summer.

  2. We saw our first Moose of the year this past weekend.
    I use to collect Christmas ornaments. I had hundreds of them, they are addictive.
    It looks like yall are staying busy.

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  4. Love the picture of you sewing up that van seat. Getting the job done, no matter what!!


  5. Thanks for the moose pic! I thought I might have a chance of seeing one here at Tamarac, but I guess not.

  6. just discovered your blog. . .thanks to Judy, and added it to my list of blogs I follow. . .we are on our way to Maine, and sure do hope to make it to your corner of the world. . .looks amazing!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

    1. Well come on by. Ask at the office and they can contact us as we are usually out on the refuge somewhere.

    2. Oh, and welcome to our blog. I joined yours as well. Can't figure out why we are in silhouette, but I have noticed that happens on several I've joined...oh well.