Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Job Today...

that was done on Tuesday...was to do inventory of tools and equipment (we sure are learning our way around and the names of some of the equipment).  It was another one of those blustery, cold days.  Around 11:00 am, Darrell, with his two volunteers, drove up and said, "get in".

He first treated us to lunch.  Then we drove over to Katy, Texas to order mulch and landscape cloth for the grass garden we have been working on.  Next was a stop at Ace to pick up some other needed items.  As he was checking out, I was admiring the deerskin gloves when Darrell said, "oh, you need gloves, put 'em over here."

We shall see how long they stay that clean...but I love them.  I had planned to purchase them myself since I had been wanting them for some time.  They are so soft!!!  Thanks Darrell!!!

Then it was time for a blizzard as Dairy Queen was close by.

My comment when we got back to the refuge was, "hey, I think we will hang out with you more often!"  It was a fun time and a great break from some of the other things we have been doing lately.

No camera today during work time.

Until next time...


  1. You folks sure have been busy there... looks like a good place to volunteer. I'm looking forward to seeing you operating one of the "big boys" in your hard hat and new boots ;-)

  2. It has been great. You should not have to wait too much will see it here!!!

  3. New gloves and a Blizzard!! That's a good day.