Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Out and About in Mission

One of my brothers was a motorcycle policeman in Mission back in the '50s.  That's the first I knew of Mission, Texas.  We lived in San Juan when I was growing up.

Mission was founded in 1908.

That is La Lomita (little hill) Mission which the town is named for.  It was built to serve the families of La Lomita Ranch.  This chapel is halfway between Roma and Brownsville and was used for various things including a rendezvous for the "Padres on Horseback." 

This skeleton of a building on the only hill in the area is another historical building that is in disarray.  It was a three story building and was used for 65 years.  It was St. Peters Novitiate and was the training center for priests.  The mission is nearby and was all part of the La Lomita Ranch.

John Conway was the founder and the main street running north to south is named for him.

John Shary is known as "The father of the Texas Citrus Industry."  He moved here from Nebraska before WWI.  He saw the potential here, had the money and business sense to make it work.  He is responsible for irrigation with United Irrigation Company.  He bought up 30,000 acres to form the little community of  Sharyland, next to Mission, which he planted in citrus and built his home.

The Texas Citrus Fiesta is held in January, started in 1932, and has been going strong since.  Three days of festivities drawing a crowd. Our oldest son was a page and rode on one of the floats with the queen and her court.

Another famous, less known person was William Jennings Bryan.  In 1912, he was the Secretary of State.  His home and marker are on the corner of Bryan Road and Two-Mile Line.

The Mission Museum is free to the public and is in the old office building of John Shary.  It is located near the post office.

After my dad's death, Mama went to work in a packing shed packing that citrus just like the women that are portrayed here.

This is the steeple of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church...1899.

This mural is 95'X18' and pays tribute to the life of Tom Landry, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for 29 years.  He was a home town boy who grew up in Mission and played football here.  His footprints and prints of his hands are at the base of the mural.

We raised our family with our 3 sons graduating from Sharyland High...the best school in the Valley at that time, probably still is!?!  Our old stomping grounds for 30 years.

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  1. thanks for telling us what the old building was... my plan was to visit it soon and we still will...