Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Party at the Refuge

I bet you recognize a lot of these people.  We had our party on the 15th.  The ham and turkey were provided while the rest was potluck.  We had good attendance and some laughs as the gift exchange took place.  Some were wondering who would end up with the LOUD bicycle shorts that has been making the rounds ever since Wallace ended up with them several years ago, and he ended up with them again at our volunteer party at the close of the season last year.  He has plans for them!!!  I wonder who will get them this year?  He will award them at the end of this season.

Here is Imer, carving up the ham.  He is our supervisor with biology.  I also work under Mitchell's supervision doing the salt lakes survey.

This is what my plate looked like minus the dessert.  It was really delicious.

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