Sunday, September 25, 2011

Signs of Time to Leave Maine

All our rowdy friends are gathered for our going away pizza party where we were awarded our 8,000 hour pins.  Left to right is Brent, wildlife officer, Steve, assistant manager, Amanda, LE officer, Bill, project leader, Peggy, admin assistant, Cory, biology intern, Ray, head biologist, and Wallace.  Ray is proudly holding Maine's favorite drink...Moxie!!!

The leaves are starting to change colors.

The squirrels are putting away the pine cone seeds.

The apples are falling, and the caterpillars are crawling.

The Giant Puffballs are appearing.

This is an Ichneumon Fly (wasp).  I thought she was quite pretty.  3 millimeters in size.  She caught my attention with her color and activity.  Just threw it in as my critter of the day.

One last request from Bill before we leave.  The sign which Wallace routed showing volunteer hours for the year.

We were to leave Friday but decided to stay a few more days as Bill needed someone to pick up some of the hikers flying in to Bangor on Sunday.  The American Hiking Society takes working vacations and they have been coming here for several years to work on trails.  We usually work alongside of them but not this year...I will miss that as they are a fun group to be around.

We will leave Monday morning, and I will be blogging on our way south, so join us on our journey.

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I wanted to close with this beautiful reflection from Cranberry Lake right here on the refuge.  We feel so blessed...and this picture causes me to reflect on the times we have spent here.


  1. Hi Guys-

    Summer sure passed quickly, didn't it?? Don't be in too big a hurry to get back down here to Texas. We've enjoyed high temperatures of right around 100 degrees for the past couple of days. We know that it will cool off and start raining sooner or later, right??

    8000 Hours of volunteer work is amazing. We are only about 7500 hours behind you!!


  2. Hi yall - I look forward to following along as you make your way back to Texas. As I write this at 5:30 this evening, it's 103 degrees in Austin. I wouldn't get in any big hurry to get back if you don't have to.
    Congratulations on all your volunteer hours. They are lucky to have both of you!