Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar.

This was our work assignment this morning and you will soon see why.  We needed to make two sawhorses.  This kind you can take apart to transport.
Wallace is not a carpenter BUT this refuge is teaching him alot and he really enjoys doing things like this.  That is one of the big reasons we keep coming back here...there is variety in what we do.

We have quite a bit of damage from beaver activity and winter snow melt.  This is one of the roads that washed away this winter.  We don't want any of our new interns, skep, or fca young people driving over the edge...yikes!  The sawhorses are made from the Tamarack trees that were taken down on the refuge.  Tamarack (larch) is our only native conifer that looses its leaves every fall.  It is a hard, heavy and strong wood.


How about this orchid?  This one we keep a secret as to its location.  It is Lady's Slipper of the Queen.        There are 14 blossoms in this bunch.  Isn't it beautiful? They live in fens, swamps, moist meadows, and woods.  The flower is about 2" in size.  It makes my day when I see a flower as pretty as this.

We had our first handful of native strawberries today.
A tasty treat I must say.

When we returned to headquarters, we had a package from Ottawa NWR.  What a surprise.  A shirt with a very nice note from Rebecca Hinkle, and two $50.00 gift certificates.  They treated us so nice and gave so much...this was an added surprise we were not expecting!!


Dang, I should have applied some make-up.                                                                                                                                          


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