Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pictures, Plus

These are the painted posts I mentioned in the last post. We put the signs together to be transported to Atchafalaya, another one of our refuges in the complex.

We put three of these signs together, stacking with cardboard between them for protection. We will still need touch up paint when we put them in the ground. That is planned for Thursday.

Another project was the fishing poles for the fishing rodeo this summer. We rigged them up with a bobber, weight and hook, then laid them to rest in a big crate for transport.

We rigged up 200 poles, put a layer of 20 between cardboard for protection.

We won't be here for the event, but we hear it is another well attended event held at Bogue Chitto, another one of our refuges in the complex.

We have done quite a bit at Mandalay and Bayou Teche. Here we are putting up the header for the trail. The sign is standing up on the goes on the top of the kiosk. When we go down there for work, we stay at the Mandalay office where we have bunk beds, a kitchen, bathroom with a shower...quite comfortable, and we get per diem!

We did not know this project was as big as it was when we said, "sure we can do it."

We had to put down stringers first. At least the old dock was had been removed.
This is almost the finished product. We had to put in boards around the outside bottom which Brian did from the pirogue while we worked from the top. It was hard work, but we are happy with the end results. Two premade benches were placed on each side.

Have to end...don't know what is going on!!!

Until next time...

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  1. Lots of good work. I'm sure they appreciated both of you!