Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's go to the Beach

Jasper Beach that is!!!  A place we like to go to chill out as the temps have been in the high 80's for the past few days.  This beach has pebbles instead of sand.

Where you can find Jasper, (gem stone) called "spotted stone", that have been polished by the wave action when the tide fluctuates twice a day.  It's like listening to a rain stick.

It is a place of serenity as well as beauty and few people.  A fun place to search for that Jasper!  Here are a few I brought home.

Legend has it that Jasper drives away evil spirits.  It is protective, stabilizing, and healing.  It is also a stone in the Jewish High Priest's breastplate as described in Exodus 28.

 Fort O'Brien is another stop on the way to the beach.

This is the area where the fort was built to protect the area during the Revolutionary War.  The first naval battle of that war took place in Machias, Maine which resulted in the British schooner "Margaretta" being captured by the American residents with the loss of only one man on the American side.  You can enlarge the pictures which will enable you to read about it.  Just double click on the picture.

In the background from that area holds yet another story and place.  There are radio communication towers built in 1960 that are as tall as the Empire State Building...up to 980'.  They are on a Navy Base and they provide radio communication to all units of the U.S. fleet in the North Atlantic, Arctic, and Europe.

We drove over to Cutler to get more pictures.  You will need to come back tomorrow for that story and scenes from that beautiful town.  This whole area leads you through so many neat places, I could go on for a long time and it is too late.  Goodnight.

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